Jewish Heritage Sites in Arab Countries Face Extinction

(Israel Hayom) Ksenia Svetlov - Old Jewish synagogues and cemeteries in Syria, Iraq, Libya and the rest of the Arab world are being turned into mosques or completely destroyed. In Iraq, Ezekiel's Tomb has been turned into a mosque. Most of the ancient Jewish inscriptions there have been destroyed or covered with cement. Daniel's Tomb in Mosul was blown up by Islamic State. In Syria, the Jobar Synagogue in Damascus, also known as the Prophet Elijah Synagogue, was demolished in May 2014. In Libya, all memory of Jewish life was almost wiped out under Gadhafi's regime. Cemeteries were destroyed over the locals' desire to use the tombstones as building materials, and synagogues were turned into mosques or public buildings.

2014-11-04 00:00:00

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