Asymmetrical Morality and Asymmetrical Victory

(Times of Israel) Lenny Ben-David - The current conflicts swirling from the Sinai and Gaza to Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are not only asymmetric in tactics and weaponry; this warfare is characterized by asymmetrical morality and asymmetrical definitions of "victory." This warfare is conducted by decentralized, transnational armies that are well-financed and well-armed. For some forces, such as Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad, and Hizbullah, the training and rocketry are provided by Iran and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Psychological warfare is a major weapon of these 21st century jihadi warriors. The video-taped massacres of minorities and enemy soldiers spurred mass flight by locals. There are no restraints, no Geneva conventions, no "rules of war." What the West calls "genocide" is not a crime for ISIS and its ilk when committed in the service of Allah. Traditional standards of "victory" do not apply since the jihadists and their supporters live for martyrdom. As Western nations stir from their slumber to confront the Islamic State and its forces, they have lessons to learn from Israel's experience in the Gaza conflict. Asymmetrical conflicts and asymmetrical morality cannot be fought with outdated methods, tactics and rules.

2014-09-12 00:00:00

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