Why Are We Funding the UN's "Human Rights" Nonsense?

[National Review] Anne Bayefsky - On Friday, the UN Human Rights Council approved a resolution on the Durban II racism conference - the newest UN forum for anti-Semites being planned for 2009. The resolution calls for the Libyan Chair of the Preparatory Committee to come to New York to present a report in person to the General Assembly. (Distributing the written report is not good enough.) The cost of the visit? $8,400 according to the Secretariat. American taxpayers will pay 22% of the cost. The story line is always the same: Arabs are the victims of anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred is off the radar screen; a billion people have been gravely wounded by a few cartoons in a newspaper published some two-thirds the way to the North Pole; freedom of expression is legitimately curtailed for just about every imaginable offense - particularly in Islamic dictatorships; religion is irrelevant to understanding and preventing terrorism, despite the fact that terrorists terrorize in the name of religion; and terrorists are driven by poverty and lack of opportunity - in other words, our dead are our fault.

2007-10-02 01:00:00

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