Removing Kosher Food from Shelves in UK Is Giving In to Hatred

(Telegraph-UK) Stephen Pollard - Whether it is Islamist extremists on the streets of London or IS beheadings in Syria and Iraq, terrorism is designed to instill such fear that a society or community changes its very way of life. On Saturday, a branch of Sainsbury's removed all kosher food from its shelves over fears that anti-Israel protesters picketing outside would attack the shop. Compared with the impact of the 7/7 murders, Sainsbury's behavior was certainly banal. But in its way it was both giving in to, and colluding with, a form of terrorism. The kosher produce in the shop - which is not the same as Israeli produce - was apparently made in the UK and Poland. I can think of no other description for Sainsbury's behavior than that it is a "hate crime." How else should one describe the targeting of Jews - by removing kosher food from a shop. Worse, the idea that the best way to deal with a mob of angry anti-Israel protesters is to give them even more than what they want, is not merely spineless. It is exactly the response that terrorists seek. The writer is editor of the Jewish Chronicle.

2014-08-20 00:00:00

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