U.S. Livid with Israel? Hamas Can't Believe Its Luck

(Times of Israel) David Horovitz - After the UK promised to limit arms sales to Israel if Hamas restarts its attacks on our civilians, we now learn that the U.S. is already restricting arms sales to Israel, having halted a planned supply of Hellfire precision missiles that enable Israel to strike at the rocket launchers set up by Hamas in the heart of Gaza's residential areas. It becomes ever harder to understand what the U.S. administration thinks it is doing in the Middle East. Its influence is waning across the region. It appears insufficiently robust - to put it mildly - when dealing with the region's most dangerous regimes, notably Iran. Its ill-judged lack of enthusiasm for el-Sissi is pushing Egypt ever closer to Russia. It is frankly astounding to the overwhelming majority of Israelis that Israel is being blamed for and pressured to end a war it manifestly sought to avoid - against a terrorist-government sworn to its destruction that repeatedly breaches the cease-fire efforts Israel consistently accepts. Hamas has fired more than 3,000 rockets into Israel. It exploited periods of calm to build a network of tunnels under the border into Israel through which it planned major terrorist attacks. It seeks to lift "the siege of Gaza" so that it can build a still more potent offensive capability. Rather than criticizing Israel for seeking to protect its civilians from Hamas, and moving now to limit its capacity to do so, the U.S., UK and the rest of the international community should be emphatically backing Israel in its struggle against Hamas - for the sake, too, of the civilians of Gaza. They should be insisting that Hamas disarm. From Hamas' point of view, it must be a source of immense delight to witness the strains and practical fallout as the international community condemns Israel, the UN sets up inquiries into Israeli war crimes, and Israel's allies limit its arms supplies.

2014-08-15 00:00:00

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