Israel Targeted Gaza Mosques Used for Terror

(AP) Hamza Hendawi - Gaza's Al-Qassam Mosque in Nuseirat was one of 63 that Israel destroyed in its war with Hamas, according to Palestinian officials. Israel says Hamas used mosques to stockpile weapons and rocket launchers, to hide tunnel access shafts and lookout posts, and to hold military strategy sessions. It says that Hamas fired 160 rockets at Israel from mosques, and posted video clips showing Israeli troops uncovering weapons caches inside mosques. "It was Hamas that intentionally chose to establish its offensive capabilities within these premises, rendering them a legitimate target," the IDF said. Israeli counterterrorism expert Jonathan Fighel of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism explained: "Cynically, they are using those places in order, first of all, to feel immune that they will not be targeted. And then if the place is targeted, they can scream and shout and say that the attacking side was violating the sanctity of worship."

2014-08-13 00:00:00

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