The Gaza War and the Feeble PA

(Council on Foreign Relations) Elliott Abrams - Some say Israel should crush Hamas and then turn the place over to the PA. But it won't work, due to the feebleness of the PA. In the last few years the PA in the West Bank has been growing weaker, not stronger. The PA security forces are in decline, more and more politicized and inert. Corruption is rife. Islamic terrorism is a plague now throughout the region, and Hamas is the localized version of that plague. The struggle against it will be long and hard, with plenty of ugly and difficult scenes on television. It seems clear that Israelis have the stomach for that fight, because their existence is at stake. What they seek from their closest friends and allies is understanding and support, in place of distancing and unfair criticism.

2014-08-03 00:00:00

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