Abbas Has Obligation to Respond to Kassam Rocket Attacks

[Ynet News] Ray Hanania - Palestinians have a moral responsibility to first acknowledge the injustices committed by their own before pointing any fingers of accusation. Last week, as Mahmoud Abbas was meeting with Ehud Olmert to pursue peace and resumption of negotiations, Palestinian extremists in Gaza fired Kassam missiles into Israel to provoke conflict and block peace. This time, the rockets were fired by Islamic Jihad, a religious terrorist organization that seeks to destroy Israel, secular Muslim institutions, and all Christians. If the Palestinian National Authority has any legal authority, and if it is in fact a "government," then its first responsibility should be to crack down on these extremists firing rockets into Israel. Those firing rockets at Israel are criminals. They should be arrested, jailed, and prosecuted. It is not resistance to fire rockets into Israel when at least one major force in the Palestinian government is engaging Israel in peaceful negotiations. Individuals have no legal right to engage in any form of violence when they have a government. The writer is a Palestinian-American.

2007-01-02 01:00:00

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