Divest from Palestinians Instead

(Detroit News) Nolan Finley - Last week at its convention in Detroit, a committee of the Presbyterian church voted to request a boycott of three American companies who supply material and technology to the Israeli Army. What is it they want Americans to divest from? A rare, functioning Middle East democracy that operates under the rule of law and treats all its citizens - men, women, Arab, Jew - with justice and respect. A nation enduring an average of nearly one rocket attack a day launched by Palestinian militants and their supporters; many of those rockets are targeted at schools and residential neighborhoods. A nation surrounded by neighbors who are pledged to its extermination. The Palestinians pioneered and perfected terrorism as a means of gaining political leverage. They've strapped bombs to their own young people and sent them forward to murder other young people. And for this they've been given a seat at the table. The Palestinians have taken the money the world has given them and used it to fund hate and violence. Maybe we should divest from them.

2014-06-24 00:00:00

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