We Are Losing the War on Terror

(Foreign Policy) David Rothkopf - After 13 costly years of war, terrorism is spreading worldwide. Our enemies have sustained our blows, adapted, and grown. The Rand Corporation released a study that detailed the growing threat. In 2007 there were 28 Salafi-jihadist groups like al-Qaeda. In 2013 there were 49. In 2007, these groups conducted 100 attacks. In 2013 they conducted 950. In 2007 there were between 18,000 and 42,000 terrorists active. In 2013 there were between 44,000 and 105,000. The administration rightly argues that "core al-Qaeda" has sustained "huge" damage. But "core al-Qaeda" no longer poses the principle threat to the U.S. homeland. In its "Country Reports on Terrorism 2013," the State Department observes that attacks worldwide increased from 6,700 to 9,700. Nearly 18,000 people died and nearly 33,000 were injured. Fewer Americans are being killed and fewer terrorists are seeking to hit targets on U.S. soil. But 9/11 resulted from the mistaken belief that if problems did not impact our shores and our people, they never would and they weren't our concern. We dare not drop our guard.

2014-06-12 00:00:00

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