The Campaign to Silence Hanin Ghaddar

(Al-Arabiya) Hisham Melhem - Hanin Ghaddar dared to criticize Hizbullah's disastrous military intervention in Syria, and had the temerity to call out Iran's malevolent role in Syria and Lebanon, during a conference in Washington. An attack on Ghaddar is being waged by members of the thuggish journalist militia that serves Hizbullah and its masters in Iran as the premier thought control and mythmaking instrument in Lebanon. These journalists weave a complex web of myths around Hizbullah's supposed invincibility and deterrence. They created a new parlance designed to make Hizbullah untouchable and above criticism, elevating it to a status equal, if not more important, than the Lebanese state. Hizbullah's mythmaking and thought control was so successful in the past that they controlled and influenced almost the whole political class. In 2008 Hizbullah brought the whole political class in Lebanon to the airport to give a hero's welcome to a Lebanese prisoner released by Israel after many years of incarceration following his conviction of shooting in cold blood a 28-year-old Israeli civilian and smashing the head of his 4-year-old daughter with the butt of his rifle.

2014-05-22 00:00:00

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