Despite the Narrative, Syria's Rebels May Be Gaining Ground

(National-UAE) Hassan Hassan - Almost everywhere in Syria, with the exception of Homs, the rebels are making surprisingly steady progress. Rebel sources report a "massive flow" of arms, including advanced weapons, into moderate rebel groups. The Free Syrian Army, in particular, is back after months of being eclipsed by Salafist and jihadist groups. According to rebel sources, the FSA is winning back armed factions, previously acquired by religious groups. These factions are joining the FSA because it is increasingly better funded and because supplies to extremist forces are no longer as steady as in the past. Jabhat Al Nusra abducted Col. Ahmed Ni'ma, the FSA commander in Deraa, who comes from a large tribe in Deraa. Jabhat Al Nusra's inability to keep its head is symptomatic of the increased heat against it, as it fears it would be eventually targeted from more than one side.

2014-05-07 00:00:00

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