China in the Middle East

(PJ Media) David P. Goldman - China's attitude to the world beyond its borders is governed by self-interest, which mainly means arrangements conducive to the flow of trade. Outside of that, the Chinese have no wish to become imperial masters. They do not particularly like other cultures and other peoples, believing their own to be the best and most virtuous, and do not wish upon themselves the trouble of ruling them. In private conversation, Chinese officials insist that they are content to follow the American lead in such matters as Iran's nuclear program. China is Saudi Arabia's biggest trading partner and will depend on Saudi oil indefinitely. It buys hydrocarbons from Iran, but far less. China has more to lose from regional instability than any other country, given its energy dependency. If it wished to put pressure on Iran, it surely could, by a number of means.

2014-04-11 00:00:00

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