Israeli-Palestinian Talks Are Going Nowhere

(Ynet News) Nahum Barnea - Eight months ago Secretary of State John Kerry appointed a team of more than 120 experts who worked day and night on removing security, political and economic barriers standing in the way of the long-awaited peace. The goal was to get the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority to sign an overall agreement within nine months, or at least a framework agreement which would lead to an overall agreement. Now, instead of a framework agreement, the target is an agreement to continue the negotiations for another six months. After eight months, the amount of suspicion between the two sides only grew stronger during the talks, and there has been zero progress. Every negotiation between Israel and Arabs which ended with an agreement began behind the back of the Americans: the peace with Egypt and the peace with Jordan, as well as the Oslo agreement. American intervention was needed in the end, but only got in the way in the beginning.

2014-04-01 00:00:00

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