Britain Has Played a Proud Role in Helping to Secure Israel as a Homeland for the Jewish People

(Guardian-UK) Prime Minister David Cameron - British Prime Minister David Cameron told the Israeli Knesset on Wednesday: "People come to this parliament from all over the world and talk about how to run your peace process. I will not do that. You know I want peace and a two-state solution. You don't need lectures from me about how to get there." He asked his audience to imagine "mutual recognition of the nation state of the Palestinian people and the nation state of the Jewish people." "To those who do not share my ambition, who want to boycott Israel, I have a clear message. Britain opposes boycotts, whether it's trade unions campaigning for the exclusion of Israelis or universities trying to stifle academic exchange....Delegitimizing the State of Israel is wrong. It's abhorrent. And together we will defeat it." He said his belief "in Israel is unbreakable and his commitment to Israel's security will always be rock-solid. I understand the concern of Israelis who have seen land that Israel has pulled out of becoming a base for terrorist attacks. And I will always stand up for the right of Israel to defend its citizens." "From the early pioneers, the men and women of the Palestine Exploration Fund who saw the Jewish history in this land and the possibilities for the future, to the Balfour Declaration - the moment when the State of Israel went from a dream to a plan - Britain has played a proud and vital role in helping to secure Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people." "I have led the fight against anti-Semitism and extremism in Britain. We have removed over 26,000 pieces of illegal terrorist content from the Internet, worked with the police and with universities to stop extremists spreading their divisive messages on our university campuses, and we have excluded more foreign preachers of hate on the basis of our strategy for preventing extremism than ever before."

2014-03-13 00:00:00

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