And the Oscar Goes to ... Israel?

(Los Angeles Jewish Journal) David Suissa - The Egyptian film "The Square," which follows the uprisings in Tahrir Square, was nominated for an Academy Award. As I watched the Arabs of Egypt scream for their rights, I couldn't help thinking that they were screaming for precisely what the Arabs in Israel already have. As I watched Egyptian demonstrators protest the lack of opportunity in their crumbling society, I couldn't help but think about an Arab-Israeli woman, Mais Ali Saleh, who recently graduated No. 1 in her class at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The suffering masses across the Middle East would love nothing more than to have the same freedoms and human rights that their brethren have in Israel. While the mainstream media is still obsessed with Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians, "The Square" cuts through this fog with a missile of truth: The misery across the Middle East has absolutely nothing to do with Israel. During Israel Apartheid Week, pro-Israel groups ought to organize showings of "The Square" and follow these screenings with panel discussions that include Israeli Arabs who can explain how different their lives would be if they lived in any Middle East country besides Israel.

2014-03-07 00:00:00

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