U.S., Allies Agree on Standards for Opposition Groups in Syria to Receive Aid

(Washington Post) Karen DeYoung - The U.S. and its principal European and Arab allies have agreed on a unified way of providing Syrian rebel groups with aid. Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France and the U.S. have often disagreed over how to bolster the opposition and undermine Syrian President Assad. After a U.S.-led meeting of intelligence chiefs in Washington last week, there has been a substantive shift toward a more aggressive U.S. posture and a willingness by others to follow that lead. It was unclear whether the reassessment would cause the administration to move beyond its policy of aiding only the Free Syrian Army or if it was focused primarily on stopping aid to those it sees as extremists. Most of the arms to the southern front will continue to come from Saudi Arabia, which is supplying rocket launchers, some antiaircraft capability, heavy machine guns and armored vehicles in addition to small arms and ammunition.

2014-02-24 00:00:00

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