Terror Strikes in Egypt

(Institute for National Security Studies) Yoram Schweitzer, Shlomo Brom and Shani Avita - The upgraded terror activity in Sinai today includes daily attacks on Egyptian police stations and soldiers, including execution of soldiers, bombings of buses and military vehicles, and suicide bombings against military and police targets. There are also attempts to assassinate senior military commanders such as General Ahmed Wasfi, commander of the Second Army, and kidnappings of government officials, who are released in exchange for large ransom payments. In tandem, a number of showcase attacks have been carried out in major Egyptian cities. These include suicide bombings against senior Egyptian officials, such as the failed attack against Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, who is responsible for the operations of the internal security forces, and the successful attack on his deputy. Israel would do well not to intervene in the uncompromising fight Egypt has declared against the terrorist organizations. Any public intervention could help terrorist organizations that seek to portray the Egyptian struggle against them as connected to foreign interests. It is essential that Israel avoid being dragged into provocations by Salafist jihadis in Gaza and Sinai who are seeking to escalate the situation.

2014-02-06 00:00:00

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