At SodaStream, Palestinians Hope Their Bubble Won't Burst

(Times of Israel) Elhanan Miller - SodaStream's Mishor Adumim plant employs 1,300 workers; 950 Arabs (450 Israeli and 500 Palestinian) and 350 Israeli Jews. Salaries and work benefits - workers confirm - are equal for all workers in comparable jobs, regardless of ethnicity or citizenship. The factory secures Israeli work permits for its Palestinian employees as well as rides from their home and back, SodaStream's Chief Operating Officer Yossi Azarzar says. Nahida Fares, 28, from Ramallah, said, "There are no job opportunities in the West Bank. Even the jobs that do exist pay no more than $430-570 a month." Fares now earns triple those sums. Fares' husband, a PA security officer, earns $570 per month.

2014-02-05 00:00:00

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