Saudi Extremist in Iraq Linked to Wahhabi Clerics

[AP/Washington Post] Salah Nasrawi - Saudi Arabia has indefinitely banned the distribution of Al Hayat, a leading Arab newspaper, after the paper disclosed that a Saudi extremist had played a key role in a violent Iraqi al-Qaeda front group. Al Hayat is owned by Prince Khaled bin Sultan, the son of the Saudi crown prince and defense minister, Prince Sultan. The article said Mohammad al-Thibaiti, a Saudi thought to be a key figure in the Islamic State of Iraq, a group that is a front for al-Qaeda, had close links to leading Wahhabi clerics inside Saudi Arabia. Al-Thibaiti had studied at Imam Mohammad bin Saud University, which is widely believed to be a stronghold for radical Islamist Saudis.

2007-08-29 01:00:00

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