Islamists Can Be Defeated

[Ynet News] Moshe Ya'alon - The Islamist Jihad wave did not begin on 9/11 with the attack on the U.S., but rather with the Iranian revolution in 1979. Iran's role as a Muslim state served as a source of inspiration for the emergence of al-Qaeda, the strengthening of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the rise of Hamas. President Bush's decision to shift from defensive to offensive operations changed the situation: The toppling of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the targeting of al-Qaeda leaders made them go underground, making it difficult for them to carry out large-scale terror attacks. The awakening of the West led to intelligence cooperation that culminated in the foiling of attacks in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany, Africa the Far East and other places. The awakening of Arab states to the threat (including Saudi Arabia) delivered a further blow to Jihadist elements. Jihad and the terror and guerilla organizations operating on its behalf can (and must) be defeated. A strategy to do so must include all of the following elements: Surrender to terror should not take place under any circumstances, under any conditions, or in the face of any other threat. An uncompromising war should be waged against all Jihadist elements, while leaders of the free world should be guided by the principle of "the best defense is offense." A diplomatic campaign for strengthening "world order": Isolation and economic sanctions against wayward countries (such as Iran and Syria) and against Jihad organizations (such as al-Qaeda, Hizbullah and Hamas). Directing the West's economic aid to Muslim countries and elements that are prepared to instigate change; towards a culture that sanctifies life and not death. The writer, a former chief of staff of the IDF, is a senior fellow at the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem.

2007-09-28 01:00:00

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