Netanyahu: Iran's Stance on Centrifuges Means There Can Be No Permanent Accord

(Prime Minister's Office) Herb Keinon - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli Cabinet Sunday: "[Iranian President] Rouhani said that Iran would not dismantle even one centrifuge. If Iran persists in saying this, it means that the permanent agreement, which is the goal of any diplomatic process with Iran, cannot succeed. In effect, Iran is insisting on maintaining its ability to attain [enough] fissionable material for a bomb without any time constraints following the breakthrough." "There is a regime here that, under cover of an assault of smiles, is trying to arm itself with nuclear weapons, to reach the status of a threshold state that could achieve nuclear weapons very quickly, and a country that has not changed its true ideology at all." "There is no change, not as of now, neither in the military nuclear program nor in Iran's aggressive policy throughout the Middle East and in regard to terrorism well beyond the Middle East. Therefore, such a country cannot be allowed to have the ability to produce nuclear weapons."

2014-01-27 00:00:00

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