Despite Shared Interests, Little Chance for Saudi-Israeli Normalization

(Ynet News) Yaron Friedman - Abdul Aziz Qassim, a Saudi commentator at al-Watan, wrote last week: "Our stance regarding the attitude towards Israel is clear: It is the eternal enemy of the region the same way Iran is the region's biggest danger." Reports in the Arab press about secret cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia should be read cautiously, as they usually appear in newspapers opposing Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia sees itself as the leader of the Arab world, an island of stability and an economic power. The Saudis have warned the U.S. that it's betting on the wrong horse with its agreement with Iran, as the Sunnis are the majority in the Middle East and the Shiites are a minority (20% of Muslims) and because there is more Sunni oil than oil in Shiite areas. The writer teaches Arabic and lectures about Islam at the Technion.

2013-12-12 00:00:00

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