Geneva: A Historic and Dangerous Agreement

(Gatestone Institute) Rafael L. Bardaji - In terms of nuclear infrastructure, with the Geneva agreement Iran will be as close to getting its bomb in six months as it is already today. Indeed, Geneva leaves Iran with something it was never granted before: The right to enrich uranium, an activity that the UN demanded to be completely halted. Moreover, decoupling Iran's nuclear program from the repressive, violent, and expansionist nature of the regime in Tehran cannot yield a happy outcome. Furthermore, this interim arrangement leads to a profound reconfiguration of the entire region according to the new U.S. orientation to advance a comprehensive dialogue with Iran, even if this requires turning a blind eye to Syria, accepting a pro-Iranian government in Iraq, reaching a tacit understanding with the Hizbullah terrorists, and allowing Iran to become virtually a nuclear state with the capability to produce a nuclear bomb in no time. This agreement is based on a double delusion: That we can trust Iran and that, if Iranians don't honor the deal, we will be able to impose new sanctions. What it actually does is to put an end to the sanctions regime without the ayatollahs putting an end to their stated ambitions. The writer was Spain's National Security Advisor from 1996-2004.

2013-12-03 00:00:00

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