Tell Iran Tougher Sanctions Will Be Imposed If Final Nuclear Deal Falls Through

(Telegraph-UK) Dennis Ross - The Israelis fear that an agreement could let the Iranians off the hook without altering their nuclear program. They believe that once there is a limited easing of sanctions, perhaps including Iranian access to some of their assets in foreign banks, the entire sanctions regime will inevitably erode - and the Iranians will know they can simply play for time, and need not make further concessions as the economic and political squeeze on them dissipates. The Israelis fear even limited sanctions relief would take the pressure off Iran and ensure that the first step would become a permanent one. That would leave the nuclear program intact with over 19,000 centrifuges and enough enriched uranium to make six nuclear bombs. The Israelis see no roll back of Iran's nuclear capabilities; instead they envision Tehran being able to "break out" and make nuclear weapons at a time of its choosing. These concerns are, in all likelihood, shared by Saudi Arabia and other Arab powers in the Middle East. These worries could be addressed. The key is to show that the pressure on Iran will not be eased. It should be made clear that vigorous enforcement of existing sanctions will continue, regardless of any interim deal - and if there is no final agreement at the end of the process, new restrictions will be added. The writer is Counselor to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and former Special Assistant to President Barack Obama (2009-2011).

2013-11-11 00:00:00

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