Netanyahu: Iran Has Systematically Misled the International Community, Increase the Pressure

(Prime Minister's Office) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday: "Last week saw the start of an additional round of talks between the major powers and Iran. We must not forget that the Iranian regime has systematically misled the international community. In 2006, Iran had 167 centrifuges. Today, despite all the bans and all the promises, they have over 18,000 centrifuges.... Despite strong UN Security Council decisions that bar them from this enrichment process and from producing centrifuges, they are continuing." "There is a danger of granting international legitimacy to a recalcitrant regime that is now participating in the mass slaughter of civilians - men, women and children - in Syria and has done so over the past two years, a regime that is currently continuing a constant campaign of terrorism on five continents, a regime that calls for the destruction of Israel and which ignores and grossly violates the decisions of the UN Security Council on the nuclear issue. I think that the correct approach toward such a regime is to be wary and increase the pressure."

2013-10-21 00:00:00

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