Former Al-Qaeda Official in Charge of Training in Iraq Describes Syrian Role in Iraqi Insurgency

[MEMRI] Shehada Jawhar, a Palestinian weapons dealer from Lebanon and a former al-Qaeda official in charge of training in Iraq, told Al-Arabiya TV on Dec. 7, 2007: "From the Syrian border, a Syrian guy took some place I don't know in Damascus, and then a van came and took us to the heart of Damascus. Then one of the brothers in charge of receiving [the mujahideen] came." "Everything was coordinated - from here to Shtura, from Shtura to Damascus, and from Damascus to Iraq. Everything was coordinated by the brothers in charge of this stuff." "People from the Syrian intelligence came, and asked to meet with Shiek Abu Mus'ab. They said to him: 'Brother, what weapons do you need?' They wanted to help, but [al-Zarqawi] said: 'No, we've got everything we need.'"

2007-12-28 01:00:00

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