Trust is the Greatest Casualty in Mideast Rift

(Boston Globe) Charles Radin - The invective coming from many on the Palestinian side is particularly raw, and explicitly anti-Semitic. Hate speech pours from the official Palestinian media, despite Palestinian Authority commitments under the Oslo and Wye River accords to end incitement against the Jewish state. Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch that has been monitoring Palestinian broadcast outlets since 1995, notes that in the summer of 2000, before the Palestinians resumed armed struggle and terrorism against Israel, ''there was a striking change in the language of the sermons.'' Before that time, ''you rarely heard open calls for killing Jews or praise for the killers of Jews,'' Marcus said, but that summer preachers began emphasizing the theme of eternal war, and insisting that ''all agreements with the Jews are temporary...and as soon as the violence broke out, there were open calls for killing Jews wherever you find them.'' There is no comparable, government-sanctioned denigration of Islam and Muslims on the Israeli side.

2002-12-27 00:00:00

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