Nine Palestinians Killed in IDF Terror Crackdown

(Jerusalem Post) Margot Dudkevitch - Nine Palestinians were killed during clashes with the IDF in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday as security forces were attempting to apprehend key terrorists, some of whom were reportedly planning suicide bombings. Among those killed were Hamza Abu Roub, 35, a senior Islamic Jihad military commander in Kabatiya, south of Jenin; Bassam Askar, a Hamas terrorist in Ramallah; and Jimal Yehiye, 31, a Tanzim fugitive in Tulkarm. Five IDF soldiers were wounded. Security forces arrested more than 20 fugitives. The IDF moved back into the center of Bethlehem Thursday evening, after having redeployed two days earlier to its outskirts for Christmas. Palestinians fired two mortar shells and a Kassam rocket that landed harmlessly in an Israeli community in Gush Katif. Shots were fired and grenades thrown several times at troops deployed near Rafah.

2002-12-27 00:00:00

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