How to Fool UN Inspectors, From an Iraqi with Experience

(Philadelphia Inquirer) Ahmed, who left Iraq in 1999, was assigned in 1992 to help Dr. Rehab Taha, now known as "Dr. Death" for her work on bioweapons, at an unmarked complex called Al Hakam, 60 miles south of Baghdad. "The [UN] inspectors visited quite often, but the regime kept the real capacity of the plant hidden," he said. Scientists and engineers "were coached" on how to deal with inspectors, Ahmed says. "We were asked to hide things, to give as little information as possible, to omit things and emphasize others, then to give a detailed report on what we had said to security officials." "The regime knows how to hide things. They have had lots of practice."

2002-12-26 00:00:00

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