Report: Iraq Sought to Use Biological Weapons against Israel

(Ha'aretz) Haim Shadmi and Amnon Barzilai - Saddam Hussein had a secret plan to use biological weapons against Israel in the first stage of the 1991 Gulf War, but was unable to carry out the plan, according to a secret 1992 CIA document released for publication. The document says that Iraq sent three MiG-21 planes to bomb Israeli targets with regular bombs to check whether they were able to penetrate the Israeli air defense system. At the second stage, three more MiGs armed with conventional weaponry were to be sent to Israel as a diversion, together with a Sukhoi airplane armed with biological weapons. The operation failed during the first stage, when the three MiGs were downed over the Persian Gulf a short time after takeoff.

2002-12-23 00:00:00

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