Allied War Games Open in Persian Gulf

(Sydney Morning Herald) Gen. Tommy Franks, the American general who would run any U.S.-led war against Iraq, arrived in Qatar to prepare for the opening of a weeklong, simulated war game. If President Bush were to order an attack on Iraq, Franks probably would direct the operation from Camp As Sayliyah. Franks' naval commander is in Bahrain, his Air Force commander in Saudi Arabia, and his Army commander in Kuwait. The U.S. has several military installations in Qatar including Camp Snoopy, a major military logistics base, al-Udeid air base, where about 3,300 U.S. troops are stationed, and an ammunition storage facility called Falcon 78. (San Diego Union-Tribune/AP) Australian military observers will join a massive U.S. military exercise in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar to test command systems that would be used in a war with Iraq. Australia's inclusion points to expectations it will take part in any U.S.-led war. Australian SAS forces are expected to join any Iraq war, along with naval forces and P3 Orion reconnaissance aircraft which could be based in Qatar. British forces are also taking part in the exercise. More than 35,000 U.S. forces are already in the Persian Gulf area and more are on their way.

2002-12-09 00:00:00

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