Palestinian TV: No Possibility of Peace with the Jews

(Jerusalem Report) Ehud Ya'ari - "Horseman without a horse," the Egyptian TV hit series being broadcast by 14 Arab TV networks, is not the only well-promoted, prime-time, anti-Semitic production screened right after the break-fast meal each evening this Ramadan. Anti-Semitism has become the last word in the Arab entertainment industry. Syrian TV is running the dramatic locally-produced series, "The Collapse of Legends." Its central premise is that there is no archeological evidence to support the stories of the Old Testament, and that the Torah is one big forgery, a fabrication of history designed to give the Jews a claim to the Land of Israel. Palestinian TV is broadcasting a series of documentaries that disprove the "myth" that any Jewish Temple ever stood in Jerusalem, and present any historical reference to that claim as an act of deception. The essence of the message is that there is no possibility of making peace with the Jews - not because of any political argument or clash over territory, but because that nation is unfit to be counted among the human race. Furthermore, the Jewish people present a future threat to the rest of the world. For some time now I, along with a few colleagues who lend their ears day by day to the voices coming from the other side, have been asking ourselves: Where is this campaign leading? After all, this is not about withdrawing from the territories or granting Palestinian refugees the "right of return." Rather, it is a far-reaching, dangerous rationale laying the ground for the justification of a mass exile of Jews from Israel - "ethnic cleansing" in contemporary terms - and even beyond that, it is gradually building a case for justifying genocide!

2002-12-06 00:00:00

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