Terror Attacks in Mombasa, Kenya

(Israel Foreign Ministry/CNN) Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ron Prosor - For the first time there has been a direct attack on civilian aviation - a precedent. We cannot live this way with civilian aviation and citizens on airplanes being directly endangered by terrorist organizations. We are at the forefront of dealing with international terrorism, and if we don't stick together and fight it around the world, we will see more scenes like Mombasa, where more Kenyans were killed and wounded than Israeli citizens. This is a direct escalation of international terrorism and we should all join in trying to stop it in order to make sure that everyone in the world will be able to travel safely, live safely, and go to restaurants and go to work safely without being bombed to death. If people are not aware of what is happening, this is really a wake-up call for all of us around the world. We have to fight terrorism, because if we don't bring terrorism down, it will bring us down.

2002-11-29 00:00:00

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