IDF: No Safe Haven for Armed West Bank Gunmen

(Ynet News) Ron Ben-Yishai - For the third time over the past few weeks, IDF forces on Tuesday encountered armed and organized resistance during a nighttime operation to arrest terror suspects in Jenin. The IDF said the wanted terrorist, who was killed, was Hussam Sayeed al-Tubasi, an Islamic Jihad member and arms dealer who also threw explosive devices at IDF forces on a number of occasions. IDF Central Command head Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon warned that areas in refugee camps in Jenin, Kalandiya, and Nablus were becoming havens for Palestinian terrorists. "The principle according to which we reach terrorists everywhere is crucial," he said. "They want to limit our operational freedom, and we want to prevent this. We cannot allow a situation whereby the Palestinian terrorists have safe places where they can get organized and use as bases from which they leave to carry out terror attacks." He said the gunmen behind the attacks on Israeli soldiers were Tanzim and Islamic Jihad members who do not accept the authority of the PA regime in Ramallah.

2013-09-18 00:00:00

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