Cairo Accuses Hamas of Training Egyptian Militants

(Reuters) Michael Georgy - Egyptian state television accused Palestinian Hamas on Thursday of training Egyptian Islamists in how to carry out bombings. "Security authorities have learned that the military wing of the Hamas movement trained several people to undertake car-bombing operations and trained various others to make explosives," said the report. "The military wing of the Hamas movement provided various Salafi jihadists and also other religious currents with 400 landmines. The security apparatus documented this and they will be arrested." The main state newspaper, al-Ahram, cited high-ranking security sources as saying Hamas was also involved in the failed assassination attempt against Egypt's interior minister earlier this month. Meanwhile, Gaza preachers, in fiery sermons, have accused Egypt's army chief, General Sisi, of waging war on Islam.

2013-09-13 00:00:00

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