What Will Iran Do If the West Strikes Assad?

(Now Lebanon) Hanin Ghaddar - As the international community heads to some sort of strike on Syria, will Iran react by attacking Israel? The answer is probably no: Iran has never engaged militarily against the U.S. or its allies, including Israel. They usually use Hizbullah for that, and Iran's economy cannot afford a war with the international community right now. Iran's objective in Syria is not to protect the Assad regime. Iran wants to make sure it does not lose the territorial advantage in Syria, mainly linking Lebanon to Damascus and the coast through Qusayr and Homs. Hizbullah is far more significant for Iran than Syria, where Hizbullah is fighting Iran's war. If Hizbullah was allowed to use its heavy weaponry in Syria, it could achieve greater victories on the ground. But Hizbullah's arms are to be used for one reason only: to protect Iran's nuclear program. In case Iran's program is hit, Hizbullah will launch a war against Israel. If Syria is hit, it is unlikely that Hizbullah or Iran will do anything.

2013-08-29 00:00:00

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