Saddam Hiding Weapons in Mosques, Hospitals

(Telegraph - UK)Philip Sherwell and David Wastell - Saddam Hussein is hiding chemical and biological weapons supplies in mosques and hospitals in an effort to thwart the new United Nations inspection mission to Baghdad, Iraqi dissidents have revealed. America says Saddam has also set up highly-trained "clean-up" squads at his most sensitive secret weapons sites to hide evidence even as inspectors are on their way. Several scientists responsible for Iraq's WMD program have been shifted out of the country on false passports to prevent inspectors questioning them. The claims of Adnan al-Haideri, an Iraqi civil engineer who defected to America last year and revealed how Saddam was building underground vaults to hide chemical and biological weapons laboratories, have been backed up by U.S. intelligence aircraft fitted with a device that detects underground bunkers and tunnels.

2002-11-18 00:00:00

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