El-Sissi Will Not Be Deterred

(Times of Israel) Avi Issacharoff - The Egyptian military claims that armed Muslim Brotherhood supporters opened fire on its soldiers, killing close to 50 and injuring dozens more. The Muslim Brotherhood was backed by Qatar's Al-Jazeera, which broadcast pictures of corpses and injured protesters in an endless loop, while Al-Arabiya, which is funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, that support the Egyptian military, screened a video of supposed Muslim Brotherhood activists wearing masks and firing at unseen targets. The war for Egypt's future has returned to international headlines and the Muslim Brotherhood is now demanding that Defense Minister Gen. el-Sissi be removed from power in order to restore peace. It is highly unlikely, though, that this will happen anytime soon. There also is little chance of the Muslim Brotherhood ending their protests anytime soon. But as further confrontation looms, the Muslim Brotherhood is at a disadvantage. It has the support of less than half of the Egyptian population. The Brotherhood will be able to continue to disrupt, but there is currently no third revolution or coup on the horizon. It would be best for Israel if el-Sissi's army was able to maintain order in Egypt without more violent clashes that may undermine its authority. Jerusalem sees el-Sissi as an ally, which is why it is so difficult for Israel to swallow the Americans' onslaught against the Egyptian army, their decision to cancel joint military maneuvers, and their threats to halt foreign aid to Egypt.

2013-08-16 00:00:00

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