When Will Islam Damn the Chlorine Bombers

[Observer-UK] Henry Porter - At least nine of the large-scale attacks in Iraq since the beginning of the year have involved the use of chlorine. These bombs strike a particular fear because if people are not killed by the blast, they may easily die an agonizing death when the chlorine is dispersed and inhaled. It is now established that this tactic has been one of al-Qaeda's gifts to Iraq. Large quantities of chlorine, commonly used in water treatment plants in the Middle East, were stolen in Anbar, where al-Qaeda has a strong presence. A dozen truck bombs loaded with gas cylinders are said by intelligence sources to have been prepared by the group which is seeking, among other things, to dominate Sunni resistance in Iraq and is showing signs of the Khmer Rouge's blood lust.

2007-04-27 01:00:00

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