IDF Demolishes Terrorists' Houses

(Ha'aretz) - In Hebron the IDF demolished the house of Hamas leader Abed Natshe. According to the Shin Bet, Natshe sent out the terrorists who attacked Adora and Carmei Tsur in April and June, murdering seven Israelis including a five-year-old girl in her bedroom. In Yatta, south of Hebron, the IDF demolished the house of Diab El-Shweik of Islamic Jihad, wanted for the murder of two observers of the TIPH (The International Presence in Hebron) in March. In Dura, southwest of Hebron, the house of the brothers Anis and Akram Namura was demolished. The two, members of the Tanzim, operated an explosive charge which killed IDF Captain Shai Shalom Cohen in July 2001. Anis had taken part in security courses in the U.S. for the PA.

2002-09-26 00:00:00

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