Americans Trapped in Saudi Arabia

(Wall Street Journal) - Amjad Radwan was born in 1983 in Houston to an American mother and Saudi father who had met at the University of Dallas. When she was taken to Saudi Arabia as an infant, along with her older brother, Rasheed, her mother was shocked to learn that her husband Nizar already had a wife and family. When Ajmad's mother, Monica Stowers, said she wanted to return home, an Islamic court awarded Nizar custody because she was a Christian. In 1990 Stowers went back to Saudi Arabia, and Rasheed met her at the airport. They picked up Amjad at school and fled to the American Embassy, believing they would find refuge. In testimony to the House Government Reform Committee, Stowers says that Karla Reed, a State Department officer, coldly informed her that the American Embassy was "not a hotel," and brought in the Marines to eject her and her children.

2002-07-12 00:00:00

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