Stopping the Hamas Money Flow

[Jerusalem Post] Herb Keinon - It is an open secret that Hamas has been smuggling millions of dollars into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's decision on Thursday to close the Rafah crossing to keep Prime Minister Haniyeh from bringing $35 million into Gaza was the first time Israel has actively intervened to stop the money flow. Diplomatic sources said there was something so audacious in Haniyeh going to Iran, pledging jihad forever, and coming back with suitcases full of cash, that Israel simply could not turn a blind eye - especially since the Gaza cease-fire agreed upon a few weeks ago called for an end to the smuggling, both of arms and cash. It was clear that the money originated in Iran. On Thursday, Israel sent a message that the unhindered flow of cash from Iran into Gaza was coming to an end.

2006-12-15 01:00:00

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