"Occupied Territories": What about Cyprus, Kashmir, Tibet?

(Gatestone Institute) Douglas Murray - Last week the EU issued a ban on funding of, or cooperation with, any Israeli institutions that operate in what it calls the "occupied territories." There are many countries in the world with border disputes, including Cyprus, China [Tibet], and Pakistan [Kashmir]. Yet the EU has full diplomatic and trade relations with all these countries. The northern part of Cyprus has been illegally annexed for the last four decades by Turkey, even though Turkey does not have - as Israel has with the West Bank - any legitimate historical, political or other territorial claims on the island. Yet in 2013, many leading EU officials actually want to promote Turkey into a full member-state of the EU. With nearly 100,000 dead in Syria and Egypt going through a counter-revolution, the issue of where Jews should or should not live inside their historical homeland is a matter of the lowest international import. The writer is associate director of the Henry Jackson Society in the UK.

2013-07-23 00:00:00

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