Wake Up, Europe -- You're Next

In a CNN interview not broadcast in the U.S., bereaved Israeli mother Chen Keinan warns Europeans that they will be the next victims of terrorism, while the CNN anchor grills EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana and reporters slam British media anti-semitism. Some excerpts: Chen Keinan witnessed the brutal murder of her 15-month-old daughter, Sinai, and her mother, Ruth, in a homicide bombing in Petah Tikvah: "Do you have a mother that you love? Then close your eyes and try to imagine them without a scalp. That's the last sight I saw of my daughter. On the pavement, no scalp, in a puddle of blood." Lior Keinan (Sinai's father): "What we Israelis know today, Europeans will know tomorrow, because every country in Europe has its minorities, and one day, it will come." Chen Keinan: "Israelis are like the canary in a coal mine." Chen Keinan: "It's all about education. I was never taught to hate. Even now, I can't hate. I wish I could, it would have helped me, but I can't. They are raising a generation of kids that are brought up on hate." CNN Anchor Zain Verjee: "Mr. Solana, while you say you understand the suffering of the Israeli people, the European parliament voted for trade sanctions against Israel. The Council for Europe is calling for sanctions. There are petitions circulating all across Europe to boycott Israelis." David Horowitz, Jerusalem Report: "I have read articles in the British press that question Israel's right to exist. At the height of the Jenin controversy, three of the most serious British newspapers quoted on their front page the same Palestinian eyewitness, who was lying, who talked about Israel executing 30 people and burying them in a mass grave. On the same day you had politicians standing up in the British parliament and making hysterically critical comments about Israel." Tom Gross, journalist: "Last August, after a particularly horrible suicide attack on a pizzeria in Jerusalem in which a number of children were killed, two days later the London Observer ran a cartoon entitled 'The Scar of David' and had pictures of dead Arabs lying by a pizzeria instead of dead Jews."

2002-06-07 00:00:00

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