Stopping Hamas

[Jerusalem Post] Editorial - On Wednesday, the Israeli cabinet decided against launching a major ground operation in Gaza. This is wise because there are four steps that should be taken before launching such an operation. First, end the policy of military restraint. This means greatly increasing the military pressure on Hamas by attacking known terrorists, their infrastructure and their operational leadership. As expected, Hamas has taken advantage of a period of much reduced IDF pressure to build up its terrorist capabilities. It makes no sense to continue giving Hamas such breathing room, now that its attacks have officially resumed. Second, Israel should consider non-violent sanctions against the PA. If Israelis must run for their lives to bomb shelters, why should Palestinians enjoy an uninterrupted supply of Israeli electricity? Third, Israel should be forcefully demanding an emergency session of the UN Security Council to condemn the unprovoked aggression by the PA against Israeli territory and citizens. Fourth, Israel must compel Egypt to carry out its most basic responsibility as a sovereign nation that claims to seek peace: stopping the flow of weapons across its own border to Hamas. Egyptian negligence leads to terrorist groups arming to the hilt in preparation for precipitating the next war.

2007-04-26 01:00:00

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