Convicted Collaborator with Israel Confessed under Torture, Lebanese NGO Says

(Daily Star-Lebanon) Samya Kullab - The Lebanese Center for Human Rights (LCHR) said Thursday that the charges against Faisal Moqalled, convicted for collaborating with Israel in 2009, were fabricated by Hizbullah and Lebanese Army Intelligence. Moqalled admitted to collaborating with Italian intelligence services to monitor terrorism plots in Europe while working as a ship captain in Cyprus, but throughout his incarceration has denied having links to the Israeli Mossad. LCHR maintains that Moqalled's confession was extracted under torture by Army Intelligence in 2006 and in the absence of counsel. Moqalled was charged with entering Israel in May 2005 aboard El Al Flight 313 from Paris to Tel Aviv, a flight LCHR said did not exist. LCHR found that 66% of detainees in the last two years have been subject to torture and ill treatment by security authorities.

2013-07-22 00:00:00

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