Israel Can't do Business with Terrorists

Despite all the tough talk and demand for reform, Arafat's entrenched Palestinian Authority regime is constitutionally unable and morally unwilling to abandon its violent struggle against Israel. The new American plan calls for a reorganization of the Palestinian security forces under a unified command. The hope is that they will miraculously be transformed into a law-abiding legion that will root out terrorists. The terrorist leaders and their activists cannot suddenly be forgiven or pardoned just because a new political initiative is underway. Many are placing their new hopes on Gaza preventive security service boss Mohammed Dahlan who has permitted Gaza to become a safe haven for hundreds of fugitive terrorists fleeing Israeli forces. Dahlan, along with his assistant Rashid Abu-Shabak, are the primary suspects in the terror attack on an Israeli school bus in Kfar Darom in November 2000 that left half a dozen children maimed. No democratic state should ever allow itself to do business with those individuals who deliberately target a school bus. The current thinking that Dahlan can bring reform and law enforcement to the Palestinians is totally misguided. Dahlan and Arafat can never be reformed; they must be eradicated by force.

2002-06-04 00:00:00

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