Bush: Syrian Behavior Is Unacceptable

[White House] President Bush said last Thursday: "We have made it very clear to President Assad that there are a series of gestures we'd like to see him make for the sake of peace. One such gesture is to leave Lebanon alone; let the Lebanese democracy flourish; stop interfering in this young democracy....We have said to the Syrians, stop harboring Hamas and Hizbullah - violent, radical organizations aimed at causing harm in the Middle East. And we have said to President Assad, stop allowing the flow of suicide bombers through your country into Iraq." "You know, some have suggested that the United States start diplomatic relations with Syria. My message is...the Syrian president must make the choice that will stop isolating his regime. And the United States will continue to make it clear to Syria, and work with other nations to make it clear to Syria, that their behavior is unacceptable if we want peace in the Middle East."

2007-04-26 01:00:00

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