Saudi Media Blitz Failing

(Adobe Acrobat file) - According to a new national poll, the recent media campaign sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government to prop up its image in the U.S. is failing. Some 49% of Americans have a negative opinion of Saudi Arabia vs. 32% with a positive opinion. Israel was viewed positively by 59% vs. 24% with a negative view. Results for other Arab states: Egypt (52% positive, 22% negative); Jordan (45% positive, 23% negative); Iraq (2% positive, 50% negative) Which country is the greatest U.S. ally in the Middle East? Israel - 33%, Saudi Arabia - 8%, UK - 5%, Egypt - 2%. Only 3% of Americans say they would favor changing U.S. Middle East policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict to avoid an oil embargo, while 37% would threaten a retaliatory trade embargo. Over half favor using all means necessary -- including force -- to protect the nation's economic interests. "It's rare to see any group fail so dramatically. The Saudi campaign is well organized, well funded, yet extremely wasteful. Clearly, Americans are not buying what they are selling," said a representative of the polling firm, Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates.

2002-05-27 00:00:00

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